Mighty provides a SAAS based, end-to-end business management solution for the legal and medical funders that allows companies to grow their business and ultimately helping plaintiff get fairer outcomes.

Mighty had the daunting task of converting the application from Django to React and teaching the team React all while not losing time on the schedule. I was brought on to help build out the applications foundation, lay out a solid foundation of best practices, and be a resource for the team to help them learn and grow with React. Together, we were able to successfully and seamlessly convert their platform to React in one short month while also training the developers in React. Mighty was able to roll the new, more stable, faster React-based application to an enthusiastic response from their clients.

Key Contributions:

  • Implemented foundational components such as forms, input fields, typeaheads, dropdowns and a form validation system tying them together.
  • Introduced sensible project structure and hierarchy to work with the existing Docker architecture.
  • Provided guidance on React best practices, React component routing structure, and implemented helpful patterns and utilities.
  • Implemented many of the core pages and functionality.
  • Worked closely with the team of engineers to ensure the rest of the application was built properly.

Year: 2016

Technology Stack: react, mobx, node, express, docker, javascript, sass, amazon aws

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