Dish is the new social food review platform that focuses on the dishes rather than the restaurants. With Dish every picture and every rating is directly on the dishes you eat rather than the restaurants that serve them. Our hope is that this will empower you to not only discover where to eat, but what to eat.

  • Discover the best foods regardless of the restaurants that serve them with ratings directly on dishes.
  • Share your favorite foods and help your friends and the world make better decisions when dining out.
  • Browse a restaurant's menu in a whole new visual way with pictures, ratings, and tips.
  • Follow friends and tastemakers to see what’s good and where they're eating.

Dish is an ongoing passion project of mine to learn, grow, and to build something that would useful for me personally and that mixes my love for food with my love for technology.

Key Contributions:

  • iOS app implemeneted in React Native with native extensions with Android verison in the works.
  • API implemented in Node with custom controller management.
  • Website implemented with React.
  • Monorepo architecture to maximize code sharing and allow for sensible configurations.
  • Wrote many react-native packages and contributed to open source along the way as the need arose.

Year: 2017

Technology Stack: react-native, react, redux, node, express, jest, webpack, javascript, dokku, docker, sass, amazon aws

Links: WebsiteApp Store