The Simplifeye Apple Watch app is a tool meant to increase dental office organization and efficiency at the tips of your fingers. This project required us to use existing Dentrix office management technology to convert into a functional Apple Watch app MVP, to which Simplifeye was able to sell to their clients and build upon. By using the Dentrix software’s minimal iPhone app technology, we were able to modify the front-end look and feel of the app, while adding functionality through use as a sign-in and router for the Apple Watch app.

Features of the Simplifeye Watch App provide office staff with a real-time updating list of patients and their statuses (check-in time & time in the chair counter), as well as include a description of a patient’s last visit, description of their current procedure, and any health-related areas of caution. For the demo of this app, iBeacon technology was integrated to allow a medical image of the patient to appear on a TV screen via voice command. A Watch App screen with a preview of these patient-specific videos and images (X-rays, etc.) was added as an additional feature. Haptics notifications were added in a later phase of this project in order to alert staff know of medical alerts and when a patient’s wait time passed a certain threshold.

Year: 2015

Key Contributions:

  • Built entire watch up and interaction bus between iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch registration and interaction with iBeacons.
  • iPhone voice recognition and content negotiation with server.

Technology Stack: watchos, objective-c, watchkit

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