SWILL is a platform that connects consumers with local merchants to provide convenient, on-demand delivery of beer, wine, spirits and mixers, making purchases easy and engaging.

Users will avoid last-minute store runs, skip the line and can send gifts - all from the convenience of their own devices. Safe, reliable, cash-free delivery makes it easy to plan a party or even celebrate an impromptu occasion deserving of a toast.

Year: 2015

Key Contributions:

  • Built ecommerce web platform from scratch using Node, React and Flux.
  • Rich interctivity, fluid responses to user interaction in a single-page app format.
  • Initial server-side rendering ensures search engine discoverability, and social site sharing/scraping, while ensuring a smooth, single-page, app-like experience once the page has loaded.
  • Responsive design means the site can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

Technology Stack: react, node, flux, javascript, bootstrap, sass

Links: Website