Swill is an online hyper-local marketplace platform that connects retailers with customers to facilitate hassle-free and convenient ordering of beer, wine and liquor. The marketplace operates as B2B, B2C, and even brings in brands to provide them with insight as well as marketing opportunities.

The challenge this time around was joining as a CTO to help rebuild the platform from the ground while incorporating all the lessons that had been learned in the years prior.

Key Contributions:

  • Rebuilt costumer facing website using React with a beautiful responsive design.
  • Rebuilt customer facing mobile apps on both Android and iOS using React Native resulted in slick customer experience and a relatively simple codebase.
  • Rebuilt retailer facing dashboard using React.
  • A common base library made it possible to rebuild all three platforms in a matter of months. The data layer and business logic were shared with all three platforms allowed each to simply implement different views on top of the same data.
  • Rebuilt backend ecommerce platform using Ruby on Rails and Spree with many customizations such as local delivery zones, stripe integration, as well as integration of third party last-mile delivery services such as DoorDash.

Year: 2019 – 2022

Technology Stack: react, react-native, redux, c#, java, ruby, rails, spree, kubernetes, docker, aws, s3

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