Castrol Crew

Castrol Crew connects Castrol racing fans and customers together. The site features news, Q&A with the racing team, community message boards, as well as many of Castrol's loyalty programs. The site has a dizzying amount of features and was one of the longest on-going projects for the agency at the time.

Year: 2012

Key Contributions:

  • Lead development effort with a small team on most of the features still seen on the site today.
  • Worked directly with content producers and managers to build tools that would both enrich and simplify content and its various life cycles.
  • Engineered code to be re-usable across many other Castrol sites and properties, including single sign-on (SSO) across all domains.
  • Developed an analytics package on top of existing monitoring platform to allow tracking of customer engagement across different channels and platforms.

Technology Stack: dotnet, c#, entity framework, sql server, jquery, knockout.js, javascript